• NASA engineers contacted Balcones Technologies in
    asking if the active suspension technology developed for off-road vehicles, could be used to meet NASA's current and
    future vibration isolation needs.






What is VIS Technology ?


The NASA Vibration Isolation Actuator is a simple device, operating with the same fundamental principles as linear motors and the same fundamental algorithms used for active suspension systems, to provide high fidelity computer controlled force management over a six inch range of travel. All system components are either off-theshelf technology, commercial components, or are manufactured using standard manufacturing methods. Our laboratory demonstration shows that we reduced vibration levels on electronics racks similar to those on space shuttle launch platforms, 2 to 10 times better than typical passive spring and damper systems over most frequencies of interest, with a several hundred fold improvement at some frequencies.

Results showed the active system isolated the electronics racks 2 to 10 times better than the passive system over most frequencies of interest and over 400 times better than the passive system at its primary natural frequency. While other passive vibration designs may compare better at the system natural frequency, they would then likely perform worse at the higher frequencies. Furthermore, testing confirmed that our system is highly fault tolerant and able to effectively function with smaller, lighter, less expensive components with up to 50% reduction in force capacity while experiencing very minor performance degradation. This technology offers numerous benefits to NASA including the opportunity to use fewer “hardened” instrumentation components; longer life for all test hardware; and improved reliability. Our technology is applicable to a wide range of the most demanding applications ranging from protecting small high‐cost systems, like racks of critical electronics, from vibration damage, to isolating complete rooms with sensitive equipment for NASA, military, civil, and commercial organizations.


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