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Road Breakaway Mitigation

Synergy of ride, mobility, and safety.

Under an Army Phase I project Balcones Technologies (BT) collabrated with team partners to develop an initial control approach and architecture for improving safety and vehicle extraction capabilities of future off road military vehicles, including MRAP and JLTV. The system combines the benefit of electromagnetic active suspension (EMS) and central tire inflation (CTIS) through the use of a new control system to minimize the effects of road breakaway and to enable vehicle extraction from a variety of real world immobilization scenarios. It also incorporates partner TRI’s Variable Vehicle Cone Index (VVCI) system which utilizes a unique in-tire sensor to assess tire deflection and adjust tire pressure to improve off road mobility and vehicle extraction from soft soil conditions. VVCI and CTIS work together to adjust tire footprint as required by soil conditions at any given moment.

Active Suspension Systems

Developed for military vehicles.

Vehicular active suspension technology, the legacy technology applied to the NASA Vibration Isolation System, substitutes “smart” actuators for normally passive shock absorbers or dampers, and adds sensors and a digital controller to provide unparalleled mobility over all types of terrain while maintaining superlative vehicle stability and ride quality. In partnership with government and industry, the active suspension systems was succesfully developed for a wide range of military and commercial vehicles including HMMWVs, tactical trucks, tanks, transit busses, and other commercial applications.

Road breakaway simulation
using DADS

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CEM Active Suspension System
Test Vehicles

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