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Transportable Flywheel Energy Storage

Developed for the Marine Corp.

Balcones Technologies (BT), LLC, leverages high performance composite flywheel technology, composite strain matched arbor technology, and vibration isolation system (VIS) technology, co-developed by BT to address Navy STTR 2013 subtopic N13A-T022 Development of Next-Generation Composite Flywheel Design for Shock and Vibration Tolerant, High Density, Rotating Energy Storage. This flywheel systems metrics for volumetric density (80W-hr/liter, 350 W/liter), thermal operating environment, mechanical shock tolerance, operating lifetime and cycle life do not concurrently exist in a single flywheel system. The primary technologies involved relate to composite arbors to allow substantially improved volumetric density; composite rotor technology capable of extremely high rotor tip speeds to further improve volumetric density; and high temperature composite fiber-epoxy systems to meet shock, thermal, and life requirements..